A Spirit Deep Within

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First Edition 1995; Second Edition 2002

By Joan E. Roue

Early in his long and productive career, naval architect William James Roue designed a schooner whose performance as a working and racing vessel would make her name and image immortal: the beloved and revered Bluenose. From family anecdotes and papers, research, and interviews, Joan Roue tells the Bluenose story with a difference – through the life and career of W. J. Roue, her designer, and one of Canada’s pioneers in the field of naval architecture.

A second edition (2002) concludes Ms. Roue’s account, and as W.J. Roue’s great-granddaughter, she offers her opinion about the importance of the schooner’s role in our Maritime heritage. A Spirit Deep Within makes a special contribution to Bluenose literature by highlighting, at long last, the life and work of the remarkable man who designed the Queen of the North Atlantic.


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